a bit embarrassed

I wish I had some legitimate reason that I haven't updated or some clever joke to ease my embarrassment, but I really don't. It's been a pathetically long time since I've posted. That said, just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything, so I want to update you on what you've missed!

J and I love having cultural days here in DC! It may sound cheesy, but they're a great excuse to do touristy things and we both end up having so much fun. We realized early on that there's so much to do in and around DC that if we don't consciously make an effort, we'll look back one day and wonder why we never did! So, last weekend J and I rode our bikes to ALL of the national monuments in DC and ended up with some hilarious pictures!

Do you have cultural days in your city?

Our heads kept getting in the way.

And I had to get one with FDR's dog, he looks so much like Lou!

Posts about paintings coming soon, promise :)