back at home

Call me a baby, but coming back from vacation is rough. 

We had the most amazing time away, three days in Montreal and three days in Vermont. While we both loved Montreal, we realized that we like to get out of the city when we're on vacation. So, instead of telling you all about our time in Montreal and the 30 miles we biked around the city (jeeeze!), I'm going to focus on Vermont!

We loved it, and you'll soon see why. Johnny and I spent two nights in Burlington with our friends Tomy and Alexis, and were lucky that Tomy loves showing off his home state. We saw and did more than we ever would've on our own, and are already trying to figure out when we can go back to visit. After all, you've gotta see Vermont in the winter too, right??! Next time you're considering a trip there, take my advice and just go. Here's why:







As you might imagine, a girl can get a lot of inspiration in Vermont! Speaking of which, painting updates are on their way. Hope you're having a wonderful labor day weekend!

Thanks Tomy, Alexis, and Benji for such a wonderful time!