inauguration day in dc

So this isn't necessarily painting related, though I did take some great cloud shots (see below), but how can I not post about the Inauguration?? Regardless of your political views, Inauguration day is worth experiencing. In 2009, we went down to the mall with the other 2 million people, so this time we decided to go to the parade. J and I ended up with fantastic seats right by the reviewing stand, and even though it was a cold day, we're so glad we went! Our evening wasn't the glitz of balls, but rather pizza, beer and buffalo wings on the couch followed by bed at 10:30, and we loved every minute of it! Hope you get to be here for it at least once! 

Here are the highlights:

I'm pretty certain he was waving at me :)

Perfect clouds.. had to take a moment to catch them!


We could see him inside the reviewing stand from our seats - he was salsa dancing at one point!


We sat in the back row for most of the day so we could see what was going on at the White House, definitely caught a glimpse of BO!