"violet" start to finish

If you follow me on instagram you've likely seen the progress of the painting I've been working on lately. Well he's finally finished, but before the big reveal, I thought it'd be fun to go through it's progression! Paintings morph from one thing into another by the time they're finished, and I often have to take them outside into the sun to see what they really look like before I commit to anything. This time, when I took the painting outside it looked a bit too dramatic, so back inside for some softening he went!

(If you need a refresher of the very beginning, it's here)

after filling in the clouds 


outside! I actually like how the clouds and the sky look separately, just not together!


about finished and drying, though I might remove some of the blue haze... I love that you can still see the strong pinks and blues of the sky, but they're now tempered a bit.

Violet will be added to the shop soon!