checking in

It's been a very busy several weeks over here, and many paintings have found new homes! One such painting, Cloud Study 1/31 is now at home with Meg in Austin, Texas. Meg emailed me a few days ago to share photos and excitement about the painting, so rather than hear from me, here are Meg's words and photos:

Hi Tara! Here are some iPhone pics I snapped. I love how the metallic leaf makes it so the painting changes with the light throughout the day. It's pretty magical. 

The wall is a kind of awkward size (i live in a 1 bedroom apartment that is part of a 1920s Craftsman house) so to make the painting not seem like a postage stamp I flanked it with some elephant coin purses I had as a kid and framed. It's temporary but I might stick with it. I live in Austin so eclectic style is not only accepted, it's pretty much expected. 

I love that those sitting at my dining room table who don't have a window view can still see the gorgeous light and clouds in your painting! I love it more every day!