Spring is almost here and I'm ready for it. Yesterday was supposed to be the final snowstorm of the year, with predictions of almost a foot of snow! Right after I got excited about it, embracing one last blast of winter before the warm weather arrived, the snow decided not to show up. We didn't get ANY accumulation. I'll admit that I spent the day a little heartbroken, but guess what, I'm over it now and ready for 70 degree weather!

Things have been so busy here since Sally and Molly's mention on A Piece of Toast! I'm so happy to find that people across the country (and the atlantic!) are interested in my work, and so excited to see where we go next. Right now I'm just trying to keep the shop full and updated, so you'll be seeing lots of new work soon. For now though, I leave you with a little inspiration courtesy of my aunt Otis.

PS, I LOVE getting pictures of the sky sent to me, so feel free to send away when you're feeling inspired!