hawaii part 1

Sooo, it's taken me forever to get these pictures posted for you, but the wait was worth it, promise. Hawaii is without a doubt the most beautiful place I've ever been. J and I spend the whole time lifting each other's jaw off the ground because we were in a state of constant awe. 

We spent the first few days on Oahu so that we could see Pearl Harbor, and then flew over to Maui to visit our friends Polly and Sam. Don't ask me which island is my favorite because I still can't decide. Both are incredible, so you should probably just go to both when you visit (and maybe other islands too??) The one thing we were really bummed that we didn't do was spend any time on the Big Island so we could see live volcanoes, but priorities are priorities and we needed as much Polly and Sam time as we could get!

Today I'm posting photos from our time in Oahu. We stayed the first night in Honolulu, so we could go to Pearl Harbor in the morning, and hike Diamond Head in the afternoon. The other two nights we stayed on Oahu were spent in Kailua, which is a sleepy beach town on the other side of the island. We've found that when we're on vacation we like to lay low and get away from crowds, so it was perfect for us. Also, crossing the mountains in the to get to the "windward" side of the island was pretty insane - one side was sunny and dry, and the other was overcast and lush - we couldn't believe we were in the same place!

Oh, PS- Leon (the cat) broke my camera 3 days before we went to Hawaii. I almost killed him on the spot, but used my better judgement and took a little walk around the neighborhood :) He and I are friends again, but the camera remains broken. Please send all complaints about the fact that all the photos are from an iphone to his attention.